This week (7-13th July)

We have a publicity display in the Forum Shopping Centre in Sittingbourne every day until Thursday – come along and pick up a leaflet!

Trains will be running on Sunday, departing Sittingbourne Viaduct station at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm. Please note that that’s the time the train will LEAVE Sittingbourne Viaduct station so please try to arrive at least five minutes beforehand in order to buy your ticket before boarding the train. Milton Regis (Asda) Halt remains closed due to repeated vandalism.

The Away Sales Team are at Amberley Museum’s Railway Gala Weekend on Saturday and Sunday. This is an absolutely fantastic museum and well worth a day to look around and the Railway Gala Weekend enhances it further – they have 2ft gauge steam and diesel locomotives and even a monorail but there’s still more to see away from the railway, a display of telecommunications and even a museum of electricity! For more information visit