Group Visits

Due to COVID-19, there are restricted opportunities for group visits or special steamings – please email us for more information.

On Normal Operating Days – 2020 Season
(excluding the Steam & Beer & Santa Specials event days)
Reduced rates for parties of 15 or more fare paying passengers are as follows:

Children (aged 3-15)
(Senior Citizens are carried at Normal Fare)

These rates apply to one return trip only.

The railway should be advised in advance if the party is of more than 20 persons.

Special Steamings

Trains can be hired on other days subject to the availability of staff.

The same party rates apply as above but bookings must be made two months in advance. A minimum charge of £250 applies for each loco steamed and this must be paid one month in advance to secure the booking. Additional fares for passengers in excess of the £250 will be charged on the day.

For further details contact us at