Let’s put the B back in Superb!

Steam locomotive Superb has been out of action for a few years now following issues with its boiler so let’s get that boiler fixed and put back so we can have Superb running again.

Superb is one of three identical 0-6-2 side tank steam locomotives made for the paper mill railway network by WG Bagnall to work ‘main line’ trains between Sittingbourne Transfer Sidings (now Sittingbourne Viaduct station) and Ridham Dock. The first was Alpha in 1932, followed by Triumph in 1934 and finally, Superb in 1940.

They were too large to work in Sittingbourne Paper Mill where there were tight curves.

The estimated cost of the repairs to Superb’s boiler are £25,000 but we need to raise this fast as Melior will be coming out of service in Spring 2024 (its centenary year) because it needs a new boiler.

We are aiming to get Superb running in 2024 as only Premier will be operational after May 2024.

To donate money, please visit our fundraising page and type Superb in the comment field.

To donate time, please email and ask to join the team!

Superb at Kemsley Down in September 2018