Locomotive Engineering

The Locomotive Engineering Department look after the steam locomotives.

If you would like to get involved in firing or driving a steam locomotive you must work within the Department on the maintenance of the locomotives, this way you will understand how they work and how to fix things if they develop a fault.

Based at Kemsley Down, most of the work is carried out in the Engine Shed. Volunteers will be trained on how to use tools and machinery. It can be a very dirty job and quite labour intensive at times.

Current jobs:

  • Superb’s boiler overhaul
  • Triumph’s overhaul
  • Alpha’s cosmetic overhaul
  • Leader’s repaint.

They are currently working on Work Weekends and Tuesdays at Kemsley Down. To volunteer to join the team, email info@sklr.net

Two steam locomotives stand in the engine shed

Premier and Leader stand at the front of the engine shed. January 2024.

Two steam locomotives, one with a boiler, stand in the engine shed

Superb and Triumph stand at the back of. the engine shed. Superb is waiting for its boiler to be overhauled and replaced before it will look like a proper engine! Triumph will be dismantled so its boiler can be overhauled (it last ran in December 2008). January 2024.