Virtual Steam-Up

As we are all in lockdown and to take your mind off the news and COVID-19, we’re holding a Virtual Steam-Up on Wednesdays 4-6pm to discuss trains, railways, railroads, whatever!

If you would like to join in (this will take you straight to Skype and will help you set up). So call in 4-6pm on Wednesday.

To break the ice, let’s talk about the following themes:

  • 13th May – model railways
  • 20th May – favourite locomotive
  • 27th May – favourite railway
  • 3rd June – favourite rail journey.

Requirements: a computer or device connected to Skype, the internet, a microphone (most computers/devices have them built-in) and headphones so we don’t get feedback from your speakers.

The call will be recorded to see how it sounds and possibly for use as a podcast, trimmed of errs and ahs.

You can test call between 3.00-3.30pm to make sure you’re ready.

If you go into settings on Skype, in the Audio & Video section there is a slider button ‘Blur my background for all calls’ which automatically blurs everything but you, it’s very clever and disguises, in my case, how messy my study is!

Please do not use bad language on the call (I will cut you off). I will ask you your name, where you’re calling from and how you discovered the Virtual Steam-Up as an introduction and then I’ll ask about your railway interests.

The first few will probably be a bit ropey as I get to grips with the technology and how to interview people.