A Superb weekend with Jack the Station Cat and Edward Bear

This Sunday and Monday (4/5th May), Jack the Station Cat will team up with the Railway’s own Edward Bear at Kemsley Down for some bank holiday fun.

Steam locomotive ‘Superb’ will depart Sittingbourne Viaduct with trains hourly from 11am until 4pm both days, arriving at Kemsley Down station about 15 minutes later.

Jack the Station Cat is the star of a series of children’s books, which will also be available from the Railway Shop, detailing his adventures at Tail’s End and Much Purring. In fact, this weekend only, Sittingbourne Viaduct station will be renamed Tail’s End and Kemsley Down will be Much Purring.

The Railway’s own children’s book star, Edward Bear will also be at the Railway and his books are available in the Railway Shop too.

There will be a Mouse Hunt too – children will receive a prize for completing the hunt. It will be fairly difficult to complete the hunt in time for the next train back to Sittingbourne Viaduct/Tail’s End so expect to catch a later train – they will depart Kemsley Down/Much Purring hourly at 35 minutes past the hour.

Please note that Milton Regis (Asda) Halt remains closed due to continuing vandalism.